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          Solar energy: Working together for the energy of tomorrow

          In 2015, Baden-Württemberg was one of the sunniest German states with around 1,850 hours of sunshine. As the greatest source of energy on earth, the sun can thus make an important contribution to the supply of energy in the state – the home market for EnBW. This is why we are strongly committed to solar energy. Alongside wind power and hydropower, it is the third pillar in the area of renewable energies and an important component of the Energiewende. We are striving to expand solar energy to an output of around 600 megawatts by 2025. Solar energy is often the first choice for citizens, local authorities and companies for generating their own renewable energy. We support them with enthusiasm and innovative products and also enable them to participate in our power plants.

          More about our expansion strategy

          Employee at a solar park

          EnBW solar parks: Harvesting sun for the region

          EnBW solar park Leibertingen
          The first major EnBW solar park has been operating in Leibertingen since 2009