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          Our strategy for the future: Energiewende. Safe. Hands on.
          The rapid structural upheaval in the energy industry has led to drastically lower earnings, above all from conventional power plants that previously formed the main pillar of the traditional energy supply companies. We decided at an early stage: We want to play a leading role in reshaping the energy system. Our strategy supports the German Energiewende and opens up long-term growth options for us. The expansion of renewable energies, the necessary restructuring of our grids as a result and the broadening of our services are the hallmarks of our strategy.

          Financial Strategy


          Financing facilities

          Hybrid bonds
          Syndicated credit line
          Bilateral free credit lines
          € 7 billion
          thereof € 2.7 billion drawn*
          € 2 billion*
          € 2 billion
          thereof € 600 m utilized
          € 1.5 billion
          Maturity date: 2021
          € 0.921 billion*

          *Rounded figures

          Maturities of EnBw's bonds